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Reed Barton Heritage Mint Duchess of Marlborough 6 Piece Place

  • Reed & Barton Duchess of Marlborough Heritage Mint, Ltd stainless 6 piece place setting including an ice tea spoon. The discontinued Marlborough pattern features a scroll pattern around the upper edge with a plumed tip and has a glossy finish.  This 6 piece place setting includes dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, ice tea spoon, and soup spoon.  The knife also has a solid handle and partial serrated edge.  

    Flatware was still in plastic sleeves and had never been used.  Flatware was removed and handwashed.  

    Dinner Knife - 8 7/8 inches
    Dinner Fork - 7 5/8 inches
    Salad Fork - 7 inches (plainslot)
    Teaspoon - 6 1/4 inches
    Ice Tea Spoon - 7 1/4 inches
    Oval Soup Spoon - 7 1/8 inches

    This pattern was first manufactured by Reed & Barton in 1906 in sterling silver and discontinued in 2011.  I'm not sure when the stainless was first produced, but it is also discontinued. 



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