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Advertising Calendar 1902 Glidden Varnish Company

  • This is a 1902 chromolithograph advertising calendar. It is advertising Jap-A-Lac from The Glidden Varnish Company in Cleveland, Ohio "for beautifying the home." In the center is a cute young child in a red hat, holding cans of the varnish. Each of the 12 months shows a different use for the varnish.

    January - Iron Bedstead, Ivory, February - Porch furniture, Oxblood, March - Weather beaten front doors, Oak, April - Pantry shelves, Spruce, May - Wire screens - Brilliant Black, June - Refrigerator, Oak, July - Bath tub, Ivory, August - floors, any color, September - Wood work, Natural, October - Chandeliers, Lamps and Picture frames, Dead black, November - Old style chair, Walnut, and December - Dresser, Mahogany.

    It is in a newer wood frame with glass, a dust cover and a label from the professional framer.



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