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Pharoah's Horses Color Print in Gold Frame

  • This is a color version of three handsome Arabian horses, known as Pharaoh's Horses. Although there is some uncertainty about the origins of the original painting, it is said to have been done by the British artist John Fredrick Herring in 1848. This particular version has the horses facing to the right, rather than the usual facing left. As mentioned, it is done in color instead of the usual black and white. It shows one brown horse and two white horses. I don't see any artist or title shown, although I did not examine it out of the frame.

    They are housed in a lemon gold wood frame with gesso designs on the layer near the glass. The glass is old, with a cardboard backing, and a wire for hanging.

    Size: It measures 19 1/2" tall and 23 1/2" wide. The opening in the back measures approximately 16" by 20".