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Large Textured Indian Maiden Nokomis by F.R. Harper

  • This is a large vintage textured print of the Indian Maiden Nokomis, Daughter of the Moon. The texturing gives it the look of a painting. It has a decorative gold border around it which is part of the print. It is by the American artist F. R. Harper (1876-1948) known for his portraits of beautiful Indian Maidens, used in advertising and calendar work. This may have been a calendar print at one time.

    At the lower left is the artist's signature in the plate. At the bottom center is the title "Nokomis (Daughter of the Moon)." At the lower right is "Copr. The Knapp Co. Inc. NY." The Knapp Company was in business from 1876 - 1929.

    She is housed in a black carved wood frame with glass, a wood backing, and a wire for hanging.

    Size: The frame measures 17" tall and 13" wide. The opening in the back measures 16" by 12".