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Harrison Fisher Tribute to Mother

  • Mother's Day is just around the corner. This is a lovely vintage framed tribute to mothers. The top has what appears to be a postcard titled "Their New Love" showing a new mother, father, and baby. It has "© Reinthal & Newman, Pubs. N.Y." The publisher was in business in New York from 1905-1928. The image is by the American illustrator and artist Harrison Fisher (1877-1934). It has a fancy scroll design around the postcard.

    Under that is a verse by Baroness von Hutten, titled "Mother." Under that is also the Reinthal & Newman name. The Baroness was born Bettina Riddle (1874-1957) and was an Irish American writer. The verse also has the fancy scroll work around it.

    It is in a dark wood frame with old glass, a torn dust cover, with a wire for hanging.

    Size: The frame measures approximately 17 1/4" tall and 9 1/4" wide.