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Hall China Moderne Tea pot, Maroon, Collector’s Condition, Vint

  • Hall China Moderne teapot with its deep maroon glaze and sweeping lines shows it is from the end of the art deco era.  The lines cross, giving the impression of wrapped cloth.  This style dates to the 1930's. 

    This footed Hall Maroon Moderne teapot looks as lovely as it did the day it came out of the factory. There aren't any chips or fleabites and the glaze is free of any crazing.  The unglazed base rim has some mold roughness.  They are very minimal and typical of Hall china from this era. I also can't see the Hall stamp marking on this one, but there is a faint circular imprint under the glaze.

    The height is about 5 1/2" to the top of the spout, which is the tallest point, not including the knob.  The full width from spout to handle is roughly 10".  The color is a deep maroon and matches the Hall Sundial as well as the Baltimore teapots that I have listed.  They would make a lovely instant collection and are shown together in the last photo.  How is your Hall teapot collection looking?  There are more to come, too!  Any of these would be a perfect gift, as well as brighten up your kitchen.

    • Vintage Hall Pottery Moderne teapot, deep maroon glaze.