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Miniature Vintage Doll House Accessories Flow Blue Copper Pitch

  • A sweet vintage lot of miniature doll house accessories. Flow blue porcelain bowl, pot and sprinkling can and pitcher.  Two handmade copper pitchers, one brass three candlestick and two wood books and one wood butter churn.  

    Copper pitchers are one inch tall, no issues.

    Two wood books are one and a half inches tall and butter churn is three and a quarter inches tall with no issues.

    Brass candlestick is one and a half inches tall, no issues.

    Flow blue watering can is three quarter inches tall, handled pot is one half inches tall, large round bowl is half an inch tall with mouth opening of one and a half inches.  The larger pitcher is two and a quarter inches tall with a chip off top side of handle and tiny roughness along the upper edge.

    Just a wonderful vintage collection for your dolls, doll house.