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How To Join Our Diamond Club

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    August 6, 2015 5:52 PM EDT

    If you would like to post items for sale in our Village, this thread will give you all the information you need to become a Diamond Club Member ... DCM for short.



    Our Goal


    Our Village was created to help connect buyers and sellers to the world of AVC (antiques, vintage & collectibles)

    By socially networking in a community setting, our mission is to find and use as many methods as possible ... to spread the word about AVC.




    Why should I become a DCM?


    Selling online is hard enough. Promoting your items, no matter what venue you are on, especially if its' your very own website, is very time consuming. There are a gizzilon ways to market yourself on the web. It's simply overwhelming. As sellers, we all need a little help when it comes to promoting items.


    This is what motivated me to create our Village. The idea was to create a virtual community, where vintage sellers could collectively promote their items.  


    The Vintage Village ... is a Virtual Social Hub for Vintage.


    By working with others, you are saving time and energy. Instead of trying to get your items seen all by yourself, you are working with a team of your peers, who all have the same goal as you.

    Our community is constantly growing and we have become a very well known name in the world of Vintage. We have been doing this since 2008.

    By joining our Diamond Club, you can be part of that success. By working together, we can move mountains... 

    As a philosopher once said: "A man who successfully moved a mountain, did so, by moving one pebble at a time"

    You don't need to move a mountain here... just a pebble... :)


    Once I become a DCM, how do I list items for sale?


    Classified ADs allow you to list one item at a time. Buyers who come to our Village can then search in a variety of ways for items.


    Do I have to link to a Venue?


    No. If you decide to use our village as a selling venue, all you need to do is provide a dedicated business email or even a link to your FaceBook page.

    If you sell from multiple venues like Etsy, Ruby Lane or EBay, all you have to do is link to the item you are selling there.


    How does TVV bring people here to see my items?


    There really is no way to calculate all the ways we work on getting people to view our village.There is always some new method for spreading the word. Here are the main methods we use.

    Search Engines: If you sell online, you need to do things to get your items into all of the search engines out there. Everytime you add a listing here, that item gets indexed (found and recorded) by search engines. People looking for vintage, type in words and if your item matches those words, you end up as a result.

    Almost 80% of our views come from organic searches for vintage items. That is a very important area to have a high percentage reading when it comes to SEO. It means ... we are doing a really great job getting your items seen.

    Social Networking: The base of what we do here is grass roots, word of mouth, social networking. We expect each DCM to help with this  ... as the entire point to all of this ... is working as a team. 

    When you list an item, you can then socially share that item ... right from our village. You do not have to go to FaceBook or Twitter or Pinterest etc., to share your items. Just click on a sharing icon and boom, you are done.

    Paid Advertising: Part of your fee goes towards funding marketing ads I take out for the Village. I pay for spots on a variety of blogs and websites and I do paid ads on FaceBook and so on. At one point, we did a two page color AD in Vintage Life Magazine!

    If you take out a sponsor ad, that money goes into my marketing budget as well.

    Social Media Accounts: We have accounts on Rebel Mouse, LinkedIN, FaceBook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. Several times a week, I randomly pick items to promote on all of these accounts. If you are on any of those social media sites, you can share our items from them as well, increasing our exposure even more. Re-pin, Re-tweet etc., on your accounts.


    What Does It Cost?


    Because we function mainly as a grass roots community, working as a team to promote each other, that allows us to keep your membership fee low. We ask $30 a year.

    In comparison... you can't rent a table at a high end Flea Market, for a weekend for that amount of money.

    You can't rent a booth at an Antique Mall a month, for that amount of money.

    And in any real world setting where you are trying to sell your vintage, you are only reaching local people for a short period of time and can only sell what you can fit on a table or in a booth.

    For $30 a year are reaching people from around the globe ... rain or shine! :)  

    Another comparison... have you ever done a FaceBook "Boost Post" for $30? Not a bad idea, but keep in mind, you are only being seen by FaceBook users. Plus you only are promoting one lonely item and for a short time frame. FYI: Search engines do not index FaceBook.

    You simply can not find another marketing site or community that will provide you with all of the goodies that we do.

    How Do I Sign Up?



    Go you your Profile page, and look on the left column below your Avatar. Use this area to sign up as a new member or renew your membership.

    The Pay Pal Button will take you to your Pay Pal account page.

    On the left hand side of the Pay Pal page, you will see a charge summary. Proceed to the check out.

    Your payment will be processed within a 48 hour time frame. 

    When you sign up for the first time, I will send you a confirmation message including instructions, to your inbox here in the village.

    I am here to help you with each step and give you one on one coaching if needed. I won't let you mess up! Promise!


    Post any questions you have here. Please note that I will delete OLD posts over time to keep the thread short.







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    August 8, 2015 1:57 PM EDT

    I have been a member of The Vintage Village since April, 2010.  While I have belong to some other soical sellers' sites, this is the only community that is active at all times.  There is real networking and advertising done, much more than what any individual can do on their own.  Not only does The Vintage Village provide a place to sell from, but it also provides a place where you can learn about vintage, keep up on current events that affect 'online selling', learn about different selling sites like Ruby Lane, Etsy, eCrater and eBay and hear from others about what is working or not working when it comes to online selling.

    The members of The Vintage Village are a caring and  unselfish group.  Lora does a fantastic job and is constantly thinking of new and better ways to promote 'vintage' and the people that sell it.  Membership is just $30.00 per year - only $2.50 per month.  There is no place that provides more value for the money - no place. 

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    August 8, 2015 2:52 PM EDT

    Thank you for the kind words! I love our community... :) Over the years it's become a "home away from home" for many, many people. Everyone contributes in their own way and that is what makes all of this run so beautifully. If something isn't working, we fix it! And we have each others back, even if it's not about vintage.

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  • August 11, 2015 12:02 AM EDT

    I have been a member here for a year now & I absolutely LOVE this community.  I am always coming back adding goodies, browsing goodies. The members here are great!  I have had sales resulting in this site. I am going for another year!!  Wahooo & thank you so much ladies for all the hard work you do keeping this a fun group!!   

  • August 11, 2015 10:11 AM EDT

    I joined The Vintage Village in 2008 and it was truly the best decision I ever made for me and my internet business operations!  This is home on the 'net!  I've watched the listings in my Etsy shop disappear after being shown on TVV.  It is a valuable marketing asset.  But beyond the sales, I just can't say thanks enough to all the people who share here and make this site sing.  It makes this big invisible internet world so much more cozy.  Many long lasting friendships have been created - and that is the sweetest plus.

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    August 11, 2015 12:20 PM EDT

    Thanks Doe and Barb! I love coming here each day to see what fantastic items are for sale. I love my job. And it's very true that on a system where each of us sit alone in front of a computer screen, that we have formed many life long friendships over our love of vintage.

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  • August 11, 2015 12:31 PM EDT

    I have been on The Vintage Village for years and have enjoyed it immensely.  It is always great when you can communicate with other sellers to discuss issues important to everyone, such as changes in postal rates, shipping to foreign countries, how to take great photos, or normal systems problems.

    I would highly recommend this site to anyone who sells or buys antiques and collectibles, or just enjoys reading about them and learning more.  There are some great blogs from very knowledgeable people to provide very useful information.

    Lora does a fantastic job at tweeking the site and providing wonderful support!

  • August 11, 2015 12:44 PM EDT

    Well, I am not a recent member, nor am I an early member, so I guess I can fill in the middle-era member status!  It is indeed a friendly place and such a great and easy way to show off vintage and antique items.

    There really is no pressure to do anything, if you don't want to. On the other hand, if you do want to do a lot, there is ample opportunity for that as well. So it's a win-win here.

  • August 11, 2015 6:50 PM EDT

    I’ve been a member of the Village for a few years and it’s a wonderful place to showcase my items and connect with kindred spirits. Lora goes to great lengths to ensure that we’re visible to the buying public and I couldn’t be happier here! Jump in…the water is GREAT!!

  • December 1, 2015 3:19 PM EST

    I have been a member of the Village for several years. It is the best venue for showing your vintage items and for having them promoted by a wonderful woman named Lora McMeans.

    The people who are members of this Village are friendly, helpful and supportive. We work together to promote each other's items and to offer answers to those who need assistance, perhaps, as an example, in the technical aspects of the site. I know, because I am one of those who has needed this assistance more often than I care to admit. Do join, I believe you'll love it!

  • December 2, 2015 10:42 AM EST

    I have been a member for a few years now. I find the membership to be an exceptional value. For $2.50 a month I get to see my items promoted all across venues I would never have the time to do myself. I see marked increase in sales for the items I put on The Vintage Village.

    Aside from the marketing value, I have made some great connections with sister (and fellow) sellers on this site. I feel like I have a support team to whom I can reach out whenever I have questions or need direction. I find a very warm and welcoming attitude on this site which is not always what I've encountered on similar sites. I find this site to be like home! I visit everyday and enjoy seeing my items promoted and enjoy promoting the items of others. I reccommend this site to anyone who loves and/or sells antique and vintage treasures.

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    December 2, 2015 2:44 PM EST

    Thanks Marie and Annie!!! Our members make the village what it is!!! :)

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    December 3, 2015 1:48 PM EST

    So here is just one example of how expensive it is to rent a table/booth for one weekend... Philly Flea Market Vendor application. It's $80. Not only are you are limited to one weekend but you take a chance with how many people will even attend.

    For $30 for an entire YEAR, you can sell to people from all over the planet via our village. It's a no brainer.

  • December 9, 2015 4:57 PM EST

    As a fairly new member of the Vintage Village, I am impressed with the new website and the reach it gives to my shop.

    International sales have been much more frequent since I joined as a Diamond Member.

    Admin are very helpful and cordial.  A great online vintage community to belong to.



    Bonnie's Vintage Attic on Etsy



  • December 19, 2015 12:40 PM EST

    I have been a member of TVV for a couple of years now and I can't imagine not being here. It has just become a matter of routine when I list something in my Etsy shop, to then come here and add that item to my pages and if it fits... to one of my albums. Then, it goes out to many more places than I could ever get it to myself. The members here are wonderful and Lora so helpful 24/7. You should really consider joining if you sell vintage.

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    January 7, 2016 2:35 AM EST

    Thanks Bonnie and Sue!